Q: I recently purchased both the audio support and multiple camera support for this app on my iPhone. I have my wife's iPhone authorized to use apps that I purchased on my iPhone, but the in app purchase does not transfer; it only loads the free version on her phone and doesn't allow the audio or multiple camera support. Is there a way around this so we don't need to purchase the upgrades twice?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow sharing in-app purchases. Please download the app on your wife's phone using your account. This will allow you to restore the features for free.
Download the app using Apple ID that was used during original purchase. Go to Settings-> iTunes & Apple store -> click on Apple ID-> click "Sign out". then click again on apple ID and enter your Apple ID or ID that was used during original purchase. Sign In. Close and go to Apple store App. Download Baby Monitor App. Restore purchase. Now go back to settings, change back the Apple ID (wife's in this case) and password as it was before.


Q: I downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad. It's not recognizing on both devices that I have already purchased multiple camera support package and two way audio.

Please click "Restore" button in the left-bottom corner, store page, on the screen of each device to restore your purchases after the app install. You can restore the purchases on up to five devices free of charge. Please make sure you enter the same Apple ID that you used when you bought the features the first time.


Q: Love the app. Can you tell me, is it possible to record using this app?

Yes you can record video using this app. The App allows you to test the feature for 5 seconds before deciding to purchase it. If you are happy with the quality of recording, you can purchase the "Advance Feature Pack" which enables you to do unlimited video recording. It is required to activate audio feature to record video with audio.


Q. Can you tell me what the alarm function is?

The alarm function alerts you when a sound exceeds the threshold (red line on the audio history graph). You can set it depending on your personal needs on the camera settings page.


Q. I just purchased a Foscam camera for our upcoming baby. I set it up over WiFi and can access it just fine from my computers. I can hear the audio from the camera on my computer. However, after installing your app on my iPhone and my iPad, neither is picking up audio.

The audio monitoring feature is not free. However the app let you try it for free on your Apple devices before purchasing. You can do the following: go to camera configuration page; scroll down then click "tab to test". You will see a message after 10 seconds saying the audio passed/failed. Once the test is done and if you can hear audio and you are happy with the quality, then you can go to "store" or click on "tab to enable audio" to purchase audio feature.


Q. I have had to delete the camera every day and re-enter the info in order for it to work.

You have to reconfigure the camera when camera IP address changes. To prevent the IP address from changing, please configure the camera to use static IP address instead of using DHCP. Please see your camera manual that explain how to switch to static IP. The following link explains how to do it for a Foscam MJPEG camera: http://www.foscam.com/help2_view.aspx?Id=67


Q. I've downloaded your app after trying half a dozen others and so far I'm impressed. However I don't have the ability to pan my camera or to use presets.

Please do the following:

- Make sure that your camera has Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities.

- Make sure that you are connecting with a user that has "admin" or "operator" privileges. A “visitor” can only see the camera image but has no rights to control it.

- Check that panning or presets are not disabled on the camera. Some Foscam camera models are shipped with disabled presets by default. You can check it on the camera administration console (see the image below).


Q. I hear a lot of static noise. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Please try the following:

- Adjust the squelch level on the camera settings page. The squelch level is shown on the graph as a grey line. If the audio level drops below this line, it will be muted. Play with the level until you find the one that suit your needs.

- Make sure that the camera is not too close to other electronic devices, since they may interfere with the camera microphone.

- The interference can be due to WiFi antenna, try to adjust it or remove it completely.

- If you wish to improve the quality of the sound in general and reduce the noise level, you can get an external micro. The built-in microphones are usually not very good.


Q. What is Sleep Mode?

Sleep Mode is convenient for continuous monitoring during night with quick access to the monitor screen when the alarm is triggered.

Like in the Normal mode, Sleep Mode allows you to continuously monitor your baby without exiting the app. The app will trigger the alarm when the audio level exceeds a given threshold. In addition, the app will dim the screen to reduce brightness that can bother you at night. 


Q. What is Background Audio Monitoring?

The background audio monitoring allows you to continue monitoring a baby when the app is closed, e.g. while checking emails or reading news on the device. There will be a red bar on the top of the screen to remind you that the background audio monitoring is on.


Q. Thank you for the great app. Is it possible to be monitoring a camera on mute and in the background but have the alarm go off if a noise passes the threshold level set under "alarm level"?

Yes, you can monitor a camera with sound turned off in the background. The app has a “squelch level” that mutes all sounds below specified threshold (gray line on the graph). If you set it equal to the "alarm level", the app will mute all sounds and automatically unmute when alarm goes off.

1. Go to the camera “Settings" page and adjust "squelch" so it is equal to "Alarm Level".

2. Go to "Application Settings" page and enable "Background audio monitoring" if it is not enabled.

You will see "Squelch Activated" label at the right-bottom corner of the graph in 3-5 seconds and the sound will be automatically muted until it exceeds the "Alarm Level".


Q. On the monitor page, I can see a button with a speaker on it. It cycles between Auto/On/Off values. What do these values mean?

• Auto – sound is automatically muted below "Squelch Level". The grey line on the audio history graph. It is the default state.

• On – sound is never muted. Usually you temporarily set it to this state, if the sound was automatically muted but you still want to know what is going on in the room.

• Off – all sounds and alarm are muted. Usually you temporary set it to this state when you acknowledged the alarm but does not want the alarm to go off continuously.


Q. We had the internet go down the other night, when it came back our IP address changed. I use No-ip for using my camera from out of network. I have changed all setting to reflect the IP address change but I cannot connect through the no-ip dynamic domain name service. I can connect directly though my router though.

This problem may be related to port forwarding configuration on your router. If the IP of the camera has changed, the port forwarding configuration has to reflect it. If your external IP address has changed, please try to connect using your external IP rather than no-ip name. You can find your external IP by opening http://www.whatismyip.com/. If you can connect, then no-ip ddns servers haven't been updated to reflect your real changed IP address.


Q. I have a Foscam camera which I cannot connect to the app.

To connect to the camera, you need to know the following:

  • Camera model.
  • Camera IP address and port.
  • Username and password set on the camera.

First try to connect to the camera via an Internet browser. Please follow your camera manual. You can find good video instructions here: http://foscam.us/tools-support.html. You can also download from there and launch "IP Camera Tool" for your PC/Mac. You will see the IP and port number of your camera. If you click on the camera, you will be asked to enter username and password. Please verify that you can connect with the Admin account.

When you can successfully connect to your camera, please open the app. The iOS device has to be connected to the same WiFi network as the camera. On the camera configuration page, enter the exact same IP address and port. Please verify that the camera model is selected correctly. Enter the Admin username and password. Click on "Tap to Test". The video and audio test should pass the test.


Q. I recently purchased a IP foscam camera along with this baby monitor app. It works wonderful in my home but if we are out of the house we cannot connect. Is there a way to do this or does it only work when in my network range? I would love to be able to view the baby when I am at work.

You can access your cameras from outside of your home. To do that you should enter your external IP (or Dynamic DNS) address and configure port forwarding on your router. Foscam has great instructions and videos explaining the process. You can find them here:

http://foscam.us/mjpeg-setup-videos - for PC
http://foscam.us/mjpeg-setup-videos-mac - for Mac

If you have a camera other than Foscam, please see your camera manual for configuring the remote access. Very often you can find the instructions on YouTube.

Please be aware that if you use mobile 3G/4G network to connect to your camera and you exceeded your data limit, you mobile operator may charge you for data traffic.


Q. I love you IP monitoring app for the iPhone. However, I notice that using it over 3G/4G really eats up my monthly allocation. Is there a way to reduce the quality so that I don't eat up so much bandwidth and go over my monthly data plan limit?

Some camera models allow changing the image quality and bandwidth usage. To change that, please login to the camera administration console using an Internet browser. For more details, see the user manual for your camera.


Q. When the monitoring is not needed anymore, how do I close the app completely?

You can close the app as any other iOS app. Please see this page for more details: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5137.