Baby Monitor is an App created to help parents to keep an eye on their bundle, or bundles, of joy using IP cameras. This app-enabled solution, that works wirelessly with iOS device, bring comfort to parents with a baby at home. Baby Monitor is a must have app that makes parenting easier!

Free app with in-app purchases. Try before you buy!

The very best baby monitor application for active and busy parents. Our App offer remote monitoring from your iOS device. Watch, listen and even talk to your baby on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch anytime and anywhere. When having children at home, Baby Monitor for IP camera gives you peace of mind whether you are at work, traveling or just around the house. No more missing milestones! This application supports your choice of wireless or wired IP cameras which do not emit radio waves. Use infrared night vision to keep an eye on your little one in low or no-light condition without disturbing your baby’s sleep. Save precious moments of your baby with unlimited snapshots. Let your relatives and friends see your baby on their devices in real-time by sharing secure password-protected access to the camera. It makes a wonderful present for out-of-town grandparents. They will be thrilled to see their grandchildren grow without leaving home!

Already own an IP camera? Check our Supported Cameras  list. The application works with Axis, Amcrest, Apexis, D-Link, Foscam, Panasonic, Y-Cam brands and any ONVIF Profile S compatible camera.

Looking to buy an IP camera to use with our Baby Monitor App? Check the list of our Recommended Cameras.


✔ Securely monitor your baby from anywhere with your iPhone or iPad.
✔ Protect video and audio access with your own username and password.
✔ Get alarm notifications when the baby cries or there is a loud sound in the room.
✔ Monitor in background will let you browse the Internet, check emails or skim photos while App remains activated.
✔ Check missed alarms if you are momentarily away from your device and the application is running in background.
✔ Check audio level and alarm history on a graph.
✔ Intelligent Audio analysis helps to eliminate false alarms by distinguishing baby cry from background noise.
✔ Talk to your baby and soothe him/her using "push-to-talk" feature 2-way audio. (Advance Feature Pack)
✔ Take unlimited snapshots and save them in your photo library.
✔ Record video with audio. (Advance Feature Pack)
✔ Set audio sensitivity parameter to fit your individual environment to occasional noise.
✔ Set squelch level to eliminate unwanted static noise.
✔ Personalize video background with a pic of your baby from the photo gallery.
✔ Control your camera remotely.
✔ Digital zoom in or out by using pinch gesture.
✔ Use infrared night vision to monitor without disturbing baby’s sleep.
✔ Preset camera positions.
✔ Additional camera controls like focus, iris, relay. (Depending on camera model)
✔ Use night mode to reduce energy consumption.
✔ Chromecast support (Google Cast™ Ready).

You get the support of one camera with no audio for FREE. Audio, video recording and multiple cameras are available via IN-APP PURCHASE. Try before you buy!

In-app purchase items:
• 2-way audio monitoring - $4.99
• Advanced Feature Pack - Video with audio recording, multiple cameras support, Chromecast support. - $1.99

We are constantly improving our app and many changes come directly from our user’s feedback. We love to hear from you. Keep the feedbacks coming and thank you for taking the time to let us know what is important to you. Happy parenting!